What is Guniting?

Guniting is a process used in construction for the application of slope stabilization and certain rehabilitation purpose mainly in the construction of retaining walls, swimming pool construction, tunnel construction, in fluid tank construction and some of the concrete repair works.

Clear definition of guniting is understood properly by knowing what is shotcrete.

Guniting was a method of early origin in the US, where the method is defined as the process of spraying a mix or mortar or concrete to a surface of application with the help of a spray gun. This method makes use of a spray gun and hence the process was named as Guniting.

Later, in the time of 1930s a method of spraying concrete or mortar mix with the help of a nozzle spray under compressed pressure and high velocity was followed by the American Railway Engineers Association(AREA).

The American concrete Institute too adopted this method in the 1950s and was named as shotcrete. These institutes never used the word ‘Gunite’ or ‘guniting’. The shotcrete can be carried out with a dry mix or a wet mix.

Now later it came to know that the dry Shotcreting process is called as the guniting. This is how shotcrete and guniting differs. Gunite is merely a trademark where some countries never use the word Gunite, instead uses dry Shotcreting process.

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