Ferro Scanning


Our Hilti PS 250 Ferroscan Detection System is designed to find and estimate the size of rebar in concrete structures, and provide accurately the depth of concrete cover.

It’s a non-destructive way to carry out a structural inspection.

It can measure large areas and long scan lines, which is particularly useful for scanning concrete slabs, beams, bridges and tunnels.

You can easily see scan results in 2D and 3D on the Ferroscan’s high-resolution color touch tablet.

You can also save scan data and export it later to a laptop or computer using our Hilti PROFIS Detection and Ferroscan Map Software – for further analysis, printing reports, archiving data and integrating scan data into other CAD software applications.

Our Hilti PS 250 Ferroscan Detection System is a non-destructive method to check what’s in structures for renovation or retrofit jobs, for seismic upgrade work and also for serial anchoring tasks.


Hilti PS 200 Ferroscan detection system
  • Scans large areas of concrete quickly and easily.
  • Finds rebar and estimates rebar size.
  • Provides accurate depth of cover measurements for rebar up to a depth of 10 cm.
  • Records scan data over lengths of up to 30 meters.
  • Displays a clear 2D and 3D image on the high-resolution tablet PSA 200, for an on-the-spot analysis and mark up of the jobsite.
  • Used with our Hilti PROFIS software it can evaluate a large volume of scans at the same time.
  • Records voice notes on the jobsite, to help a more detailed analysis of the scan data on a laptop or computer.
  • Combines with our Hilti PROFIS Detection and Ferroscan Map software for more detailed analysis of your scan data, to print reports, archive scan data and integrate with other CAD software applications.

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