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Waterproof Coatings

Waterproof Coatings

We are provide the services of Waterproof Coating Services. Water proofing is defined as a treatment of surface or structure to prevent the passage of water under hydrostatic pressure. Waterproof Coating Services, which we offer, include Waterproofing of Sunken portion using polymer coatings like SIKA Raintite I or Fairmate Waterguard A. Also, we offer Waterproof Coating of Swimming Pools/ Terrace Gardens, etc. with specialized technical support from Sika/Kryton/Fairmate. We are a credible Service Provider of Waterproof Coating Services from Faridabad (India).

What Is The Need For Water Proofing?

  • Water seepage into building reduces the life of building materials.
  • Dampness in the building spoils its aesthetics.
  • Dampness attracts and breeds biological growth and termite leading to unhygienic condition.

For Waterproof Coating, we use the following materials

  • Tapecrete : Tapecrete is a white milky single compound acrylic latex polymeric additive used for increasing adhesive bond strength, waterproofing, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance of cement mortar and excellent adhesion and protection with steel and concrete.
  • Brick Back Coba : This is a system used particularly for roofs in the coastal region and consists of putting brickbat on roofs to give a slope and then grouting the same with mortar admixed with various proprietary chemicals most in the nature of water proofing compounds.

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